Fifteen Fun and Weird Real Estate Facts That Will Surprise You

Being in real estate is a serious business; just one transaction could alter your client’s lives forever. While we’re working hard to assist our clients in selling their home and buying a new one, we’ve come across some fun real estate facts—some of them are even downright weird! But we’re not keeping these fun facts a secret. So take a break from looking for that perfect home and enjoy reading these facts.

The real estate value of the White House is nearly $110 million.

Prior to the days of central heat, a housewarming party wasn’t just an excuse to celebrate. It was actually a way to keep the house warm. As a gift to the new home dwellers, the neighbors would carry over firewood and help start a fire in the home’s fireplaces. This kept the home cozy and was thought to keep away any evil spirits.

In the U.S., there are five times more empty houses than homeless people.

In California, if a person has passed away within the past 3 years in a home you’re attempting to sell, it’s viewed as a material defect. This death needs to be revealed to your potential buyer unless the person died of AIDS; then you shouldn’t divulge the information because it’s considered discrimination.

If you’re selling your home in New York, it’s required legally that you report if you think your home is haunted.

When was the highest home equity since 2007? It was in the first quarter of 2014 at $10.8 trillion. That means the normal household’s net worth was firmly invested in home equity.

In Ohio you must have a hunting license to trap a mouse in your home.

The Chrysler Building’s architect was in a competition to see who could build the highest building in the world. As it was being built, the architect concealed a 125-foot long steeple inside. After the competitor’s building was erected, the steeple was driven up through the Chrysler Building which made it 119 feet higher.

In Pennsylvania there is a cleaning regulation that forbids a housewife to sweep and hide dirt or dust underneath a rug.

In order to build their new data server building in North Carolina, Apple paid an elderly couple $1.7 million for an acre of their land. Thirty-four years ago, that same couple bought that property for $6,000!

Sunday is really the best day to put your home on the market. Traditionally, you’ll have more buyers come through your door if you list your home on a Sunday in the spring or fall.

During 2009, there were fewer marriages than foreclosures in the U.S.

Red front doors mean more than “welcome” and a great curb appeal. In Scotland, a red door denotes that your home is paid for. In China, painting your front door red means abundance and good fortune. Lastly, in India, having a red door means a newlywed couple lives there.

Since 2005, homeless people in Utah have been receiving free homes. This cuts continued homelessness down by 74%.

This one is more fun than fact…. As you’re moving into your new home, leave the old broom in your old home. The broom holds dirt from your previous home—figuratively and literally speaking—so leaving it behind will hopefully earn you some good luck in the new house.

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Moving to CT? Top 10 Reasons Why That’s a Great Idea!

So you’re moving to CT?  Moving isn’t always an easy choice, but joining the ranks of Connecticuters is a move you won’t regret.

Here are the top 10 reasons you will love living in CT.

10. Even the dinosaurs preferred Connecticut. A visit to Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum is a visit to one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America. Travel back 200 million years to the time of the dinosaur!

9. Not quite as old as the dinosaurs, Connecticut is also home to the country’s oldest continually operating amusement park. Opened in 1846, Lake Compounce is now home to the world’s top rated wooden roller coaster, Boulder Dash, as well as Crocodile Cove Water Park.

8. With 618 miles of shoreline, Connecticut proudly serves up some of the nation’s best seafood.

7. Not in the mood for seafood? New York and Chicago have nothing on New Haven style “apizza”. With a very thin crust, baked in a coal-fired oven, this pizza is not to be missed.

6. It’s not all about the food, but even our nation’s iconic hamburger has roots in New Haven. In 1900, a man entered the restaurant Louis’ Lunch. in need of something more portable to eat. What he received is considered to be the ancestor of the great American burger known today.

5. With all the great dining options, you’re sure to need something to wash it all down. Connecticut also boasts a booming microbrew community. Popular options such as Half-Full Brewery, City Steam Brewery and Rheingold Brewing Company are just a few of the choices.

4. UConn’s Huskies are a college basketball team to be proud of. The Huskies have a strong history in both men’s and women’s basketball, so it’s no surprise that the residents of CT are a very loyal fan base.

3. Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and The Sea, located in Mystic, CT, is the largest maritime museum in the world. Offering visitors a link to the seafaring past, Mystic Seaport is a hands-on historical experience with something for everyone.

2. As the 2nd school to join the Ivy League, Yale University in New Haven is an incredible school. Ivy covered buildings and neo-gothic architecture also make it a beautiful place to visit.

1. Originally settled in 1614, it’s no surprise that Connecticut has a rich and vibrant history. The first medical diploma in the US was given by Yale University. New London, Connecticut launched the first nuclear submarine. The first revolver was produced in CT, and the first public art museum was opened in CT. There are many more “firsts” that took place in Connecticut, so now that you are moving, you’ll have to find out more for yourself.

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Connecticut town info–Bristol,CT


One of the more famous suburbs in the United States is the Connecticut town of Bristol. Indeed, when a major cable network reminds people that their world headquarters is in your city, people tend to remember, even if they couldn’t find it on a map.  So what can we tell you about Bristol?

Located in Hartford County, Bristol is a city of just over 60,000 people, southwest of Hartford.  As we alluded to before, it is the home of ESPN, one of the most successful cable networks on the air, and has been its home since its inception in the late 70s.  But along with “Home to ESPN,” Bristol has had its share of nicknames, illustrating its fascinating history.

For example, one nickname is “Mum City,” as at one time it was the leader in chrysanthemum production.  Though it no longer continues in that industry, it still commemorates it each year with the Bristol Mum Festival.  The 52nd Annual Chrystantemum Festival is set for September 20th, 2013, starting with the crowning of Miss Mum and Jr. Miss Mum, and will conclude on the 23rd with their annual parade.  The Bristol Mum Festival also includes a gala and a carnival, and marks a great way to head into the colorful autumn season.

Another nickname Bristol holds is “Bell City,” as it was once the home of an innovative industry creating spring-driven doorbells.  Now, if you want to see spring-driven craftsmanship, you can head to the American Clock and Watch Museum, commemorating Connecticut’s one-time standing as the clock capital of the U.S.  It’s a fascinating glimpse into America’s history, and well worth the visit.  Don’t ask, though, if anyone has the time; they’ve probably heard that too many times before.

Speaking of history, Bristol is also the home of nation’s oldest still-operating amusement park.  Lake Compounce has been open since 1846, which boggles the mind, at least a little bit.  When we think of the mid 1800s, we picture them finding amusement with indoor lighting, so them needing a park for amusement seems a little odd.  Anyway, Lake Compounce has over forty attractions, a water park, and three roller coasters, including “Wildcat” which still has the wooden boards from an original 1927 roller coaster, as well as “Boulder Dash,” which is the first wooden coaster to be built entirely into the side of a mountain!

On top of all this, you also have the New England Carousel Museum, the Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum, and in another “first in the nation” for Bristol, it has the tallest elevator test facility.  At thirty-eight stories, the Otis Quality Assurance Center, while not open to the public, does give the Bristol skyline a very distinct quality as you approach Lake Compounce.

As you can see, Bristol is a bit of an eclectic mix.  Not just for the sports enthusiast who wants to marvel “This is where it all happens!” it has attractions for the history buff and for the entire family.  Plus it tests elevators; what more could you want?

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