Connecticut Town Info for Foodies

As someone who loves dining out and trying new foods, you’re probably more than just a little interested in knowing about the food scene in Connecticut before making the move. That’s why we’ve decided to compile this post of great places to eat in or near Glastonbury. Keep reading for Connecticut town info for foodies.

Plan B Burger Bar

Do you sometimes find yourself hankering for a nice and juicy burger? Then Plan B Burger Bar will certainly be one of your favorite places in town. Offering a multitude of burger choices on their menu, this restaurant will easily satisfy your hunger for a burger. Just make sure to try whatever burger you order on their crowd-favorite pretzel bun. Also, definitely opt for the side of truffle fries.


In the mood for some classic Italian food? Head on down to Salute. They’ll start your meal off right with a delicious serving of cheesy garlic bread. Then they’ll turn you into a fan with either their chicken gnocchi or sweet potato ravioli.

Bear’s Smokehouse

If you think good barbecue can only be found in the south, then you obviously haven’t tried Bear’s Smokehouse. Their brisket is both tender and juicy. The pulled pork is seasoned just right, and the Moink ball is a wonderful concoction of bacon and meatballs.

Trumbull Kitchen

Looking for a restaurant that has something to please everyone in your dining party? Give Trumbull Kitchen a try. They serve everything from steak to pad thai.

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Three Tips For Relocating To CT

Making the decision to relocate, whether it is just yourself or your entire family can be difficult. However, once the decision is made, life can become even more complicated. You may (or may not) have a house to sell, lives to pack up, and a life to build somewhere else entirely new. So, how can you make the process go a little smoother?

Here are some tips for relocating to CT.

  • Start planning early. As soon as you start thinking about relocating, you need to start planning. It takes a lot of time to downsize and get rid of things. There are a lot of important decisions to be made, especially about schools, jobs, and living situations. The more time that you have to prepared, the better off you will be.
  • Take a trip to Connecticut to visit. You can enjoy this time to look around and get a feel for the area. You should also plan plenty of fun times as you explore your potential new surroundings. Though you might not feel ready, you can also look around at some neighborhoods that you might be interested in.
  • Start downsizing now. When you relocate, you can’t take everything with you. Instead, it is often easier to sell things and buy more as you need things. Now is the time to start to go through things and start to part with the things that you don’t want to move. Have a yard sale. Give things away. Throw away garbage.

It can be hard to relocate, even to a place as beautiful as Connecticut. However, you should start planning as soon as possible. It takes a lot of time and planning to relocate. You should start downsizing now! Get rid of things that you don’t need. Have a yard sale. Give things away. You should also take a trip to Connecticut. It will help you get excited for your move!

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You landed the Home of your dreams. Time to move!


It’s hard to trust your belongings to someone else when you’re Moving. To simply hand over your items in a moving truck and hope it gets there safely is too much to handle; it’s all you have. Everyone has heard one time or another about how movers have lost or stolen items. Moving insurance makes sure your items stay with you from your old home to the new one in the same condition.

Poor service and unreliable movers are the main reasons why items are missing or stolen. Avoid both of these hurdles through research. Look at the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Read reviews online and listen to loved ones for their opinions. On the company’s website read their testimonials and contact them about references. Learn about hidden fees and extra charges. Know the company inside and out before doing business with them to avoid surprises.

Moving insurance protects your belongings by covering damages, lost items and stolen items. It covers moves from one side to the other side of town, city to city, state to state, and country to country. There is a plan that works for you and your budget. The two plans available are full replacement and released value. Full replacement plans offer complete coverage for everything you own. The moving company is responsible for covering the liability up to the full value. Read the contract if you choose this option. It’s more expensive to buy, the deductible may not be what you expect, and it may not cover extremely expensive items. Released value is the cheaper option. They pay sixty cents per pound of total belongings. Some liability comes from the mover, but the majority of liability comes from the customers. Moving companies naturally add this basic insurance in moving expenses. However, it’s only added by request.

Both versions of insurance coverage are written in a contract, so look at it carefully before signing. Movers are not responsible for damages happening to the inside of boxes. The only way they’re responsible is if the box is damaged itself. If you want them to be responsible for the boxes, let them pack the belongings for you. Remember though that it will cost extra money to let movers pack and move your stuff.

If you move yourself anything that happens to furniture and personal belongings are your responsibility. The only way to get moving insurance is to hire a professional moving company or talk to an insurance company who handles this type of insurance.

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Tips for helping kids adjust when moving to a new home.

moving to ct

You’ve been weighing the pros and cons and have finally decided your family is moving to a new home.   Maybe you are moving for a new job, to be closer to relatives, or for other reasons, but now that the decision is made you are looking forward to the future with anticipation. But if you’ve got kids, they may not see the positive side of relocation.  For them, the strain of leaving behind friends, a familiar school, and a routine they are comfortable with can put a dark cloud over the moving truck.  Use these tips to make the move easier on kids and hopefully ease the stress on the entire family.

  1. Keep talking.  Have regular family meetings to discuss why the move has to happen, and to let children ask questions and express concerns.  Spend time with children individually too, to provide an opportunity for them to talk about things that they may be worried about but don’t want to bring up in front of siblings.
  2. Time the move.  If possible, many families try to wait and move children in between school years.  That way their first day at the new school will be at the beginning of the year, making the transition easier.  They may also have time to make some new friends in the neighborhood before the school year starts.
  3. Give children some choice in the new home.  If they can’t go house hunting, at least show them pictures of some housing options and get their opinions. When a new house is chosen, let them choose a paint color, and maybe some new accessories for their room so they have something to look forward to.
  4. Look into things to do in the new town.  Whether your child is a fan of libraries, museums, or sports teams, research the area together online and plan some activities to do when you get there.
  5. Make a plan to keep kids connected to their friends.  Keeping current friendships strong will make the transition easier, so allow phone calls, texting, and set up a date for a visit to look forward to until new friendships are formed.
  6. Let children be involved in the packing process.  Children may become more attached than usual to their material possessions.  You may not be concerned about their stuffed animal collection or video game system, but to them these things are important.  Allow them to pack a box of important items that they can keep with them during the move.

Moving can be a stressful time, and while adults have to deal with the logistics of moving, children are often struggling with their own feelings on the subject.  If your family is looking to move into a new home or sell the one there in, contact us.  We can help you with some of the details so you have more time to focus on your children and their emotional adjustment to the move.

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