Home Buying Tips: The Neighborhood


Your not only buying a home, your buying into a neighborhood!


As you’re looking for a home be sure to look at everything around it.  Look beyond curb appeal and veer across the street, at your neighbors homes.  The neighborhood you live in will determine if the home purchased is worth it.  The neighborhood will bring a feeling of safe and security.


When your searching for your next home, explore the neighborhoods to see what to expect should you decide to live there.  While there is no perfect neighborhood, determine what is important to you and focus on finding a neighborhood that comes very close to what you’re after.  The first thing you’ll notice is appearance.  Do the homes on the block match your home in size and appearance?  It should.  They should be maintained and landscaped.  If you see too many for sale/rent signs or lots of boarded homes, choose another neighborhood.  The residents their know something you don’t know.


Look for necessities and amenities nearby.  Your realtor can explain where they are and how close it is.  The most important things to have nearby are schools, police departments, fire departments, hospitals, public transportation and libraries.  Amenities to look for are shops, stores, restaurants, museums, theaters, stadiums, parks, gyms, laundromats and beaches.  Not all amenities have to be in or nearby the neighborhood; only pick the ones that are important to you and your family.  See how close your job is to the home.


If everything looks nice in appearance, it’s time to dig for secret information

Learn about crime in the neighborhood.  This information won’t be available to you at first glance so it’s up to the buyer to do their homework before settling into any neighborhood.  Your realtor or Connecticut police will know about the neighborhood’s crime history. You can also go online to look up crime history.  Be on the lookout for registered sex offenders living in your area.  The police will inform you of this as well.  If the home has bars on the windows or doors take notice.  Another sign is graffiti on walkways and walls and if the home is near a prison.


You can’t get away from noise and traffic but you can move into an area where it’s greatly reduced.  The sound of music cranked all the way up, arguing, fighting, kids yelling, glass breaking, airplanes flying overhead, cars passing by, animals making noise and gunshots are general noises people hear in neighborhoods.  That doesn’t mean you have to live with those noise.  Traffic can be so hectic that it’s hard to back out of the driveway.  To know if traffic or noise is going to be a problem drive by the home in the morning, afternoon, night and on the weekends.

Defining your Ideal Home and Neighborhood


The property you buy will be much more than a house; it will be your home. The following questions can help you describe the things that are most important to you in your ideal home and neighborhood.


  1. For some people, “home” means a hub of social activity; for others it might be a place to retreat from the pressures of daily life. What does “home” mean to you?
  2. Who will be living in your household? Will you often have other family members or friends visiting for more than a few days at a time?
  3. If you will be working outside your home, what would you consider a comfortable commute (in time or distance)? Will you be working at home?
  4. What are the most important activities for the members of your household? For example, hobbies, recreation, school, entertaining,religious or cultural activities.
  5. What are one or more features you liked most about homes you have lived in previously? This might include style: floorplan, yard, view, and neighborhood.
  6. What is something you disliked about the house or neighborhood where you have lived previously, and that you would want to avoid in your next home?
  7. What are the most important “must have” features of your ideal home and neighborhood? Why are they important?



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