Consider Buying a House in Connecticut as Fun as Buying a Pair of Shoes


buying-shoesYour heart races and your palms grow sweaty.  You dream of this purchase day and night.  You have worked hard and saved a penny here and there just for this opportunity and it has finally arrived.  It’s time to buy that new pair of shoes!  No; really, it is bigger than that.  Much bigger.  Buying a home can cause you to be as excited and giddy as purchasing the latest fashion accent for your wardrobe.

You are now at a point where buying a home in Connecticut is a reality.  You have window-shopped and even “tried on” several homes for size.  Buying shoes is fun and so can buying your home.  However, before you take the plunge and spend your life savings on this new and appealing investment, just like purchasing that new pair of shoes, you want to shop around and ensure it fits and it’s comfortable.  No need to down play your giddiness or excitement, because it is warranted.

Before you purchase a great new pair of shoes, you first identify what you want.  This is essential.  Most shoppers don’t buy on impulse, but rather do a little bit of research so they know where to go, when, and about how much they will spend on this new pair.  This concept can easily translate into purchasing a new home as well.  You must ask yourself, “What do I want?  Does it fit?  Is it comfortable?”

What do I want? Questions to ask yourself

You are investing a substantial amount of money into this home.  You should research what options are available.  Create a check list for yourself of the necessary items the potential home should include.  This can be anything from the location, the bathrooms, the type of carpet, as well as how much more investment could be had at the hands of previous neglect or hardships. (Be prepared to compromise.)  The bottom line is, know exactly what you want so you have a great starting point.  Window-shopping and educating yourself is a great way to create your list of must-haves.

Does it fit?

does it fitIn the case of buying a material item, this is a must.  Obviously, it would literally be a pain if the item did not fit.  So, how does this translate into buying a home?  The potential home needs to fit with the demands of your life, the children, and career as well as leisure-time activities.  It can mean a huge pain in the bank for you, as the owner, if the home does not fit.  You really want it to fit with a little bit of “wiggle room”.  It’s important the financial strings do not have to be tied too tightly.  This is your home after all.

Is it comfortable?

Let’s face it, shoes must be comfortable or the investment is a loss.  Why would you buy a pair of shoes if the comfort is something to be desired?  Purchasing a home should be comfortable and leave nothing to be desired.  This may seem a little redundant from the previous point; however, the fit may be perfect, but is it comfortable when the day grows long?  Try it out.  Trying it on for size may only be a little more than window-shopping.  When you try it out for comfort you should seriously step into the home and feel it out for the long days ahead.  Buying for comfort should eliminate impulse buying. Picture yourself in the home not only in the now, but 3,5,even 10 years down the road.

Before you purchase a new home, try on your favorite pair of shoes.  While you wear said shoes, think about how nicely they fit and how comfortable they are.  Translate this good feeling into home shopping.

Get educated on finding and buying the perfect home for you and your family. Visit our Home Buyers page for questions you should ask yourself, first time home buyer info, Home buyers checklist, and many more tools that can help guide you through the buying process.

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